Two days ago, my little poodle Sammy woke up with blood on his bed. I didn't know where he was bleeding.

I bathe him and found it was from his mouth. Assuming it was his teeth. I took him to Imperial Highway Animal Clinic in Yorba Linda, ca. We saw Dr.

John Adams. He also suspected his teeth may need extraction. The Vet checked his vials signs. Sammy has had a murmur for years, he was up in age, but otherwise doing well.

Dr. J said we would probably be able to take him home that evening. Dr. J Adams's desk girl, gave us an estimate for the procedure and took Sammy from my arms.

That was the last time I saw Sammy alive. She explained the would take a blood test and prep my pet for the dental procedure under anesthetic. The technician took blood test. After the procedure but before Sammy passing, Dr Adams called and said he was doing fine, but ask if I knew of Sammy having a low blood count platelets?

No, I didn't know...He told me he would like to take a full blood panel, but in the meantime he gave Sammy medication. Told me he also saw a sore that developed into a hematoma on his tongue maybe from biting himself. Thinking back I questioned why he would go ahead with the procedure, knowing Sammy's platelets being low would put him in danger of not clotting. I called to see when or if I could picked up Sammy.

The girl on the phone had me waiting for 6 minutes only to tell me the doctor will call me back... Well a half hour later he did call and told me, Sammy rallied and then "crashed' exact words. I couldn't believe what I was hearing.. I told him I would be right there.

Dr Adams explained he couldn't understand why Sammy blood wasn't coagulating. He said he must of had a brain bleed or some type of Lupus.. He brought Sammy's lifeless body for me to see him.. It was too painful to stay another minute.

My husband offered to pay the balance and Dr. J Adams said no... not to worry about it. (strange right?) We brought Sammy for dental and I didn't take him home.

Something just didn't add up. I researched low blood platelets.. Found that blood test are a must before any procedure in order to know health of the body. Low blood platelets in surgery or any procedure like teeth extractions would bring on complications not able to control bleeding .

Low blood plates is an easy fix if the procedure is delayed and given medication for a period of time.. I was told they took a blood test. Why would he ask me about low platelets? Why did my Sammy really die?

Why would he even attempt to remove his teeth if he had read the tests? No conscientious Vet would know it's not an emergency. It could have been delayed. Sammy was not critical to have teeth removed so quickly .

I had to go back to the Vet and confront him with my questions. first I asked him when Sammy had the blood test.. Before or after or in the middle of the procedure . Of course he said Before..

Asked why did he go ahead with the extractions if he knew beforehand of Sammy's blood test.. Again he said he really doesn't know why Sammy crashed.. My temper flared and accused him of killing my dog. Of which he denied.

I told him he is lying.. Something happened. It went on and things were repeated and then he slipped and said he took the word of the technician that Sammy's blood was okay.. He didn't check for himself..

And then he admitted he was at fault. Sammy bled to death..The day Sammy died that Vet lied to my face as I was heartbroken and crying. What did my sweet Sammy go through those last few hours of his life? He died needlessly.

Did the Vet or technician care? All they did was try to cover for themselves. How many pets and pet lovers have they done this to.. for the sake of money?

I want to be Sammy's advocate . He couldn't say" help me"..

My name is Marie Barbera 619 540 0967 I hope to hear a reply. I appreciate your time.

Product or Service Mentioned: Imperial Highway Animal Clinic Veterinarian.

Reason of review: death of my dog.

Monetary Loss: $11.

Preferred solution: I want Imperial Highway Animal Hospito exposed of their negligence .

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